The LINK-E arose following the growing demand for specialized services and project execution related to renewable energy.

Nowadays more and more situations occur, involving companies and families with a significant weight in the energy bill that, in most cases, can and should be avoid.

LINK-E has the right tools and business partners with the perfect solution for you!

We are specially focused in energy production systems for self-consumption, Grid connected or
Off-Grid, mainly in PV.

Hiring a simple and effective service analysis of a consumption place, with a detailed analysis of the energy bill, we will indicate you the most suitable solution for you or your company!

Looking for a business partner or investor for your Energy production system investment? We found!

At an Enterprise level, we perform all the services of Consulting, Technical advisory, Design and Construction Supervision of small, medium and large scale projects!

Increasingly, energy production through renewable sources, it isn’t only a reality, is also a need. We will prepare your project, will follow their implementation and their connection!

Are you a PV Plant promoter? LINK-E can develop your project, obtains the permits with the involved entities, will find the right suppliers for each specialty by offering you the most competitive proposals and gives you full support in Technical Due Diligence.

Also the Energy Certification is a reality! We cooperate with the right specialized Partners by giving you full support in the certification of your infrastructure! Contact us!


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